What is networking?

Networking. We’ve all heard of it but what exactly is it?
Fancy business breakfasts or relaxed coffee shop meets? Well the answer is it can be both.
If you ask Google to give you an answer you’re greeted with "The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts."

Now doesn’t that sound fun? No, we don’t think so either.

Networking takes on many different forms-formal and informal. It can be anything from attending a pre-organised networking event to striking up a conversation with someone you’ve never met at an event. It’s not as hard-or as daunting-as you think. Different styles work for different people-ask your current contacts and they’ll most likely all have different experiences of what works-and pays off for them.

We offer relaxed events for women to come along, meet new women in the area, gain advice from complete strangers and overall be an open forum for help and advice to support each other and benefit our businesses. On the other hand, other networking organisations hold structured talks in a more formal setting-it works for some but the pressure to refer can be daunting for others.

Overall networking should be an enjoyable experience-a chance to escape the office and meet with a like-minded group of people. Many of our members are lone home-workers and it’s a great chance for them to raise issues they may need some advice about-quite often someone else has had the same experience and is more than happy to help! It’s a chance to exchange knowledge and experience to benefit your business. You never know what networking can do for you until you’ve tried it, and now we’ve broken it down it doesn’t sound so daunting does it?

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing our insights into networking-who to do it with, why you should do it and what it could do for you. Why not try your first networking event with Dales Business Women? Take a look at our events calendar and get in touch to reserve your place, we’d love to welcome you to our group!